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Cookies V Beaker Bong

Cookies V Beaker Bong

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Hey Style Seekers! ✨

Introducing the Cookies V Beaker Bong – the next level in your smoking experience. Crafted for the cool, the curious, the unabashedly unique, this isn't just a bong; it's a declaration of individuality.

What Makes It Unmissable?

  • 14" Beaker Brilliance: Size matters, and this 14" beaker design adds the perfect touch to your moments. It's your style, amplified.
  • Choose Your Hue: Black, Clear, or White – it's your pick. The colored tubing adds that pop of personality, just like you.
  • Patterned Cookies Print: Because ordinary is overrated. The patterned Cookies print ensures that your style is always in the spotlight.

Don't settle for the usual; be extraordinary. The Cookies V Beaker Bong is here to elevate your everyday into something unforgettable. Shop now at Cookies, and let's toast to you, to style, to life.

Live loud. Live stylish. Shop Cookies. 🎉💨

  • 14" Beaker
  • Available Black, Clear, or White tubing
  • Patterned Cookies Print
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